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Divorcing parents and education expenses

| Dec 29, 2020 | Family Law

Divorces in Louisiana are a lot more complicated when there are children involved. When two parents divorce, physical custody is not the only issue that they must resolve. Divorcing parents also have to work out how they will make important decisions in their child’s life such as what doctor the child will see and what school they will attend.

Education can be expensive

During a divorce, parents may argue over what school they want their child to go to and how the education will be paid for. If a child attended a private school before the divorce, a parent might argue that the child should switch to a public school because it is less expensive. However, switching schools after a divorce may be bad for the child for several reasons:

• The child may have attended the private school for years and feel very comfortable there.
• The child may have special needs that the private school is capable of helping with.
• The child might have certain academic interests that the private school specializes in.

Public school can be expensive too

Divorcing parents who send their child to public school have plenty of expenses as well. Public school requires money for school supplies and lunches as well as equipment for extracurricular activities. Parents will have to reach an agreement about who pays for educational expenses no matter what school their child attends.

Budgeting for college

Another issue that will come up when parents go through a divorce is the future cost of college. Parents may have a college fund already set aside, or they may not have addressed the issue yet. Either way, the details of how future college will be paid for should be worked out in a parenting plan. It’s also important to make sure that there is an agreement in place to prevent one parent from draining the college fund prematurely.

Who pays for education expenses?

Determining how much each parent will pay toward their child’s education will depend on individual circumstances. In some family law cases, parents may agree to split the bill. In other cases, a parent who makes significantly more money than the other parent might have to settle on making higher contributions to their child’s education.