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Resolving Custody And Support Matters With Compassion

Going through a divorce is never an easy task, especially when children are involved. When you encounter the part of divorce that directly impacts your children’s well-being, you want to be sure you are doing what is right for them, but that can be difficult if the other spouse is not cooperating or making unreasonable demands.

Suppose you are looking for a swift and favorable conclusion to your child support and custody negotiations or litigation – in that case, you need an attorney you can trust to represent you and your children. Work with Gottschalk Law Firm. It is our goal to secure the best possible outcome for families in situations just like these.

The Strategy For Success

Before negotiations start, you want to know what the strategy is for success in these discussions. We take the time to identify my clients’ unique needs and craft a custom strategy that best meets those needs. We can help parents develop custody and visitation plans that work for the family and meet the child’s best interests. We work to create an agreement for custody and support that will work now and for the foreseeable future.

In order to create a proper negotiation strategy, we can work to identify the critical factors that are necessary, such as the income levels and earning potential of each spouse, who is more capable of providing a suitable living environment for the children, and evidence to support these statements.

Caring Representation You Can Trust

We work to ensure that our clients know where their divorce is heading and what to expect from the outcome. You deserve a secure future after your divorce, and we want to be the team that helps you obtain it.

If you are ready to meet with a Louisiana family law attorney you can depend on, contact us today. Call our Houma office today at 985-551-8590, or email us here to schedule your initial consultation.