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Effective Representation In Your Divorce

A divorce is one of those life events that can drastically reshape the lives of yourself and your children. The wrong decision during your divorce can leave you with a lifetime of regret. To help you avoid these mistakes, you need an experienced attorney to offer you guidance that you can rely upon.

With attorney Cheleste Gottschalk, and here at Gottschalk Law Firm, you can find a family law attorney who has dedicated herself to representing the needs of families across the Houma community. No matter what matters you may encounter in your divorce, you deserve an attorney you can count on to represent you through it all.

The Guidance We Offer

In order to successfully navigate through your divorce, you need a family law attorney to guide you through any challenge that you may encounter. We can help you secure your best interests under challenging matters like:

  • Property division
  • Child custody and visitation
  • Alimony and child support

We pride ourselves on representing both our clients and their children. We know how much of an emotional strain divorces are, and attorney Gottschalk can act as your advocate to help you keep focused on your priorities. Her professional perspective can be the advantage you need to settle your disputes and uphold your goals swiftly and efficiently.

Do Not Go Through Divorce Alone

One of the worst mistakes someone can make in their divorce is not seeking a family law attorney’s help. Even in uncontested divorces, we can help you avoid making a decision that can have long-term negative consequences and help you choose the path that will help you reach your goal.

Contact Us For Help

If you need a compassionate and driven Louisiana family law attorney, contact us today. Call our office in Houma at 985-551-8590 or email us here to schedule your initial consultation today.