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A Caring Attorney For Your Family

Family law issues can quickly become intimidating. The outcome of a single legal matter can be enough to dictate how your children will grow up, what assets you have to raise them and what home they live in. The best way to ensure you are pursuing the best possible outcome in your legal issue is with a compassionate family law lawyer’s guidance.

At Gottschalk Law Firm, our team is committed to providing clients with reliable and trustworthy guidance. You deserve an attorney who can help your family’s future. Based right here in Houma, we know the community, the culture and the legal landscape.

How We Can Help You

Whether you need help getting through your divorce, creating child custody and visitation agreements, negotiating child support and alimony, or trying to protect your assets through property division, we have the negotiation and litigation skills necessary to help you secure your most favorable results. For women dealing with issues of domestic violence, our attorney has worked in women’s shelter, and understands those difficult issues.

We take the time to identify clients’ needs by working closely with them in their legal matters. You should not have to worry about what your attorney is or is not doing for you. We want to be certain that you are never left in the dark about where your situation currently is, and where it is heading.

Protect Your Family’s Interests

If you will soon be or are currently struggling with family law legal matters, you need knowledgeable guidance. You may have friends or relatives telling you what will happen; however, every family law situation is different and unique. That’s why you need to speak with a family law attorney who can examine your facts and explain how the law applies to your specific circumstance.

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